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Wazhou and high-speed bearings to research started the engine

Morning paper dispatch (JuGuTian QuYuan peninsula morning, haili makes net reporter Zhao Hui) on July 29, Chinese car in Beijing headquarters, wazhou group in the car with China co., LTD. Signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Vice mayor of dalian city cloud-l Yi Jun, director of the dalian municipal state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, the letter Zhang Yiming, director of the committee, wazhou group chairman, party secretary meng attended the signing ceremony.

Car in China is that CNR and CSR merge to form a listed company, is the world's largest, most complete varieties, technology's leading supplier of rail transit equipment, the construction of the world's leading rail transit equipment product technology platform and manufacturing base, with high speed emu, the high-power locomotives, rail, urban rail vehicle represented by the series of products, has reached the world advanced level in an all-round way. High-speed emu car manufacturing series products in China, has become China's important business card to show the world the development achievement.

As the leading enterprise in China bearing industry, wazhou group, speed up the construction of railway bearing production base and research and development of railway bearing. Company independent research and development of 30 t axle load of railway wagon bearing already mass loading is applied, to break the price of the foreign enterprises and technological monopoly; Design and manufacture of 140 kilometers per hour passenger car bearing; instead of the import Successfully replace the imported bearing developed by subway, the realization of the batch delivery. At present, the company is to research and launch a car bearing high-speed bearing.

Car and wazhou group in this time, China will play in their respective advantages in the industry, China's car will wazhou group as a strategy of rail transit equipment bearing supplier, the two sides will jointly build based on the competitive advantage of industry value chain model of win-win cooperation, according to standard the emu, high-power locomotives, high-speed passenger cars, large axle load of freight and other high-end bearing products and services, to research and develop the synchronization, joint innovation, to build national brand, establish standard in China. Car in China and wazhou group forged a deep friendship in the long-term cooperation, both sides are willing to have greater cooperation in space in the future.




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