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Cheng gen close fit on the new three board 1-3, 2015 net income of 330000 yuan

Message on August 3, zhejiang cheng precision machinery co., LTD., has recently formally apply for listing on the new three board, the disclosure of listed shares transfer system, according to cheng gen precision on April 30, was founded in 2002, the chairman Xu Huagao through direct and indirect total 90.00% of the shares, of actual control. Honesty and precision for the year 2014, 2015, 1-3, 2016 net profit is 2.5682 million yuan and 1.6934 million yuan respectively, 2.5682 million yuan.

Announcement, according to cheng gen precision, 2015, 2014 to March 2016 in revenue is 51.7215 million yuan and 53.4428 million yuan respectively, 51.7215 million yuan; Net profit is 2.5682 million yuan and 1.6934 million yuan respectively, 326600 yuan.

Dig bei institute according to the new three board, cheng gen precision is mainly engaged in precision bearing ring and other bearing accessories development, production and sales.

Honesty and main products include precision bearing ring and maintain two kinds big, also produce a small amount of oil seal. Ring mainly include deep groove ball bearing ring, patterned constant speed universal joint bearing ring. Honesty and precision in the production of bearing ring main supply leading bearing manufacturers at home and abroad, such as the world's top eight major bearing manufacturers of Japan NSK (Mr Tusk), Japan NTN (er ladder er), Sweden SKF (SKF).

Cheng gen precision the brokers for societe generale securities listed on the application of the host, the legal adviser for guoco lawyers (hangzhou) firms, financial audit to rui hua certified public accountants (special ordinary partnership).




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