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Wazhou group and China signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the car

Epicenter wide network of dalian on August 1, news (reporter siqing zhang correspondent JuGuTian QuYuan) with China's cradle bearing wazhou group has car co., LTD. In Beijing and China signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. As the leading enterprise in China bearing industry, wazhou group will speed up the construction of railway bearing production base and research and development of railway bearing, to break the price of the foreign enterprises and technological monopoly.

According to introducing, in the car and wazhou group China will play in their respective advantages in the industry, China's car will wazhou group as a strategy of rail transit equipment bearing supplier, the two sides will jointly build based on the competitive advantage of industry value chain model of win-win cooperation, according to standard the emu, high-power locomotives, high speed passenger cars, large axle load of freight and other high-end bearing products and services, to carry out the synchronous development, innovation, to build national brand, establish a standard in China.

Wazhou group chairman of the board of directors of the company meng said, facing the economic downward pressure is still a serious situation, wazhou group seize on customers due to strong demand of the quality, and the authors instead of import and export high-end market opportunity, and more than 30 international and domestic industry leader established strategic cooperative relations, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in an all-round way.




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